What will the new year bring

The year 2017 is just about in the books. It’s been a politically turbulent one. History will either show that it was a pivotal time when the common man began to come awake and finally take back some of the power and prestige thoughtlessly afforded to the entrenched ruling class in Washington DC., or it will be remembered as the year that we had that eccentric, embarrassing President who was ultimately personally destroyed and impeached by members of the aforementioned ruling class.  The jury is still out on the way it will be remembered. I think things will start to flesh out one way or the other in the coming year.

Lower commodity prices made the past year a profitable one for feeders. The number of cattle on feed is up significantly from 2016. It is also expected that the USDA report will show a continued increase in the size of the nation’s cowherd. Do these factors necessarily indicate downward pressure on feeder prices for the coming year? A couple of the links on the front page touch on the subject.

In this past month Congress passed and President Trump signed into law sweeping tax reform measures. Something that is always of concern to the Nation’s family farms and ranches is the estate tax.  I personally would have liked to have seen it eliminated altogether. The new law keeps the 40% estate tax though but doubles the exemption from $5.49 million to $10.98 million. It’s an improvement but for many a good estate lawyer will still be a necessity. It’s my wish that reduced tax burden across the nation will translate into more disposable income and a time of prosperity for all in the years to come.

Here’s hoping that the year 2018 is a good one for you and that your able to keep all the resolutions you make.