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Night Time Versus Day Time Feeding Influences Time Of Calving

A DROVERS article

It is generally accepted that adequate supervision at calving has a significant impact on reducing calf mortality. Adequate supervision has been of increasing importance with the use of larger beef breeds and cattle with larger birth weights. On most ranching operations, supervision of the first calf heifers will be best………

Beef Consumption And Beef Demand

A Western Livestock Journal article

by Derrell S. Peel, Oklahoma State University extension livestock marketing specialist.

“U.S. domestic beef consumption is projected to be 56.6 pounds per capita for 2017, up from 55.4 pounds in 2016 (retail weight). That is a 2.2 percent year-over-year increase. Beef consumption is higher because beef production is increasing; in fact, it is projected to be up 3.8 percent year-over-year from 2016”


Beef supply will be up sharply in 2018

USDA’s December 1 Cattle on Feed report showed a sharp increase in the number of cattle placed on feed during November – up 14% from a year earlier……..


The Dance Steps of Genomics Part I: Understanding Genomic Prediction

Whenever I hear the words “two-step” my mind goes back to my teenage years when I danced with cute girls at the county fair. But, in this article we will be discussing a different type of two-step. There are two common methods,………………..

The Dance Steps of Genomics Part II: Using Genomics in Your Herd

Genomics: We hear this word frequently in the beef industry. But, how do we actually use this technology? More importantly, how do we use this technology to be more profitable?…………………..


Mainstreaming Deviancy

We hear a lot about the importance for cattle to fit all phases of the industry.  Cow/calf, Stocker, Feeder, Packer.  ( Oops, The stocker phase supposedly has no place in the industry any longer. The black sheep of the industry. ) The problem will always be the attempt to put it all in a single animal.  A foray into futility where the occasional deviant who……….